America East Real Estate LLC

We take your trust in us very seriously and treat you as family every step of the way.

Services of America East Real Estate LLC

America East  Real Estate looks for suitable space  for tenants and buyers looking for new locations. We also represent owners-landlords in the sale or lease of their properties. We negotiate  on behalf of our clients from the beginning of a transaction to the successful closing of a sale or lease.

We  expose the available buildings to tenants and buyers to a wide array of potential interested companies. We use the appropriate national listing services ,personally door to door  canvass appropriate firms  ,utilize in house data base, direct mailing, place signs, advertise in newspapers.

We also contact our fellow-brokers providing them the information they need to help bring prospective clients to inspect our listings. This is very important and many deals we make  are through the efforts of co brokers we have worked closely with.

We keep our clients informed on a daily basis of interest and results of our marketing.